I have always been passionate about animals since I was a small child. My mother discouraged pets because I had asthma. I could not and would not let that stop me. My first pet was Doc a floppy eared rabbit that my sister and I took upon ourselves to purchase from the local pet store. We walked the 2 miles each way with such angst and eagerness. It was a perfect day. Within 2 days of purchasing Doc our older brother gave away our secret and Doc was discovered by my mom. We had to give him away. It was probably one of the saddest days of my youth. From that moment on I knew that I had to have animals in my life. Any kind of animal would be a perfect pet.

Our second attempt was giving our mom 2 hamsters for her birthday. Their names were Nicole and Samantha and this time we were allowed to keep them. SUCCESS! My brother thought it unfair and so mom bought him one. It was male and 3 hamsters became 16. I was well on my way to being a pet owner. Since then I have had 2 turtles, 1 garden snake, 1 rat, a ferret, a cat, 4 dogs and a few extra hamsters in between. I have worked many jobs but none that gave me this kind of satisfaction. I love meeting new animals and getting to help take care of them.

The other half of the business Sabrina has also loved animals since she was a small child. At one point she wanted to become a veterinarian to save as many animals as she could. She was always rescuing strays and was known by her family and close friends as the rescue ranger. Rescuing was tough as she always wanted to keep them. Knowing that she couldn’t it was very important to make sure she found a suitable home for them. Then there was Skippy Doe a kitten that she rescued and took to the emergency animal hospital that had gotten into antifreeze and was experiencing renal failure. She was going to pay out of her own pocket to put him on dialysis but unfortunately Skippy passed away in the middle of the night. Receiving that call from the veterinarian was distressing but knowing that she did all she could was somewhat comforting but she mourned as if he were hers. She is dedicated and has a passion for animals like I have never seen.

This is how Pampered Pet Care came to be. We are just animal lovers and know how important they are. Giving them love, attention and proper care is what we offer. We know how hard it is to go away and worry about your loved ones. Having a pet sitter stay in your home and watch your pets is the least stressful way for both you and your pets. This way you can be assured that they are safe and comfortable because they are home. Most of all, you are not breaking the routine and this is important. While we cannot guarantee that you will not miss them we can guarantee that they will be well looked after and given lots of love.